Online Private Lesson


The last 3 years must have been a challenge for you.

Neverending, numerous lockdowns.

Loss of connection with your family and friends.

And worst of all, losing the opportunity to
immerse yourself in martial arts.


・Feeling a little down from all of the lockdowns and trying to find a way to make yourself feel positive.

・Wanting to finally get started with your childhood dream of learning karate.

・Eager to learn from a true Japanese sensei. An authentic one you cannot find locally.

・Feeling like you’ve got the basic movements of karate but have no clue how to move like the Japanese senseis you see online.

I understand you because I WAS YOU.

Hi! I’m Yusuke Nagano.
Seeing karate in movies and shows,
it had always been my dream to train in this art.

Luckily with my friend, I started Shotokan karate back in
the day when I lived in the US.

Although I enjoyed taking the lessons at
the local dojo, I wanted more than just a regular lesson…

I was looking for something more AUTHENTIC,
but I never had the access to it.

However, after coming back to my home country, Japan,
I was fortunate to join the Mita Karate Club,
the oldest university karate organization in Japan.

THIS changed my life.

I wasn’t nervous in front of everyone anymore.
Teachings that used to confuse me all the time now made sense.
Now, I know how deep karate is.

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Let me come up with a perfect lesson plan
for your to achieve your goals
through karate taught in Japan.

You will receive…

・ A personalized in-depth 1:1 lesson plan tailored to your exact needs, for YOU to check off on.

・Online 1:1 private coaching sessions using HD Video Call Service “Zoom

・Recorded video of our lesson to use for your review.

Unlimited message supports so we can chat about any and all things relating to your karate journey, life, and Japan.

Unlimited feedback on anything relating to karate, including (but not limited to): katas, kihon, kumite, mindset…
We are in this 100% together!

You only need…

Wifi connection
Any clothes you’re comfortable exercising in (karate uniform isn’t compulsory)
PC or phone with a camera

Frequently asked questions

I don’t know when I will have free time… Could you adjust the time of the lesson flexibly?
→Of course! I will be happy to adjust the time every week/month according to your schedule!

I don’t have time to take full classes… Can you arrange short classes?
→The duration of the class starts from 30min/month. Also, if you need to ask me something small, or want some feedback on your video, I will be open 24/7 through chat.

Is the video quality going to be fine? Video chats tend to be blurry…
→I use the HD version of zoom, which gives crisp images!

Do you accept beginners?
Anybody is welcome to take my class! I’ve had over 10 students acquire a black belt in 2 years 🙂

~Lesson Fee~

Hours Per MonthLesson Fee (USD)
Weekly 1.5 Hour Group Lesson$98
1 Hour / Month$310
2 Hours / Month (0.5 Hours / Week)$380
4 Hours / Month (1 Hour / Week)$760
All plans come with an unlimited message support

The spots are limited!
If you’re interested, contact me right away!