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Powerful kicks with “kime”.
Stunning punches with percision.
Rigid stances with elegance.

From basic Kata to Kumite,
this is where true karate practitioners reach their summit.

Hi. I’m Yusuke Nagano.
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Learn from a 
Japanese Karate Sensei with over 200 students. 

Why Choose Our Online Group Lesson?

1. Details, Details, Details
2. Personal Feedback Guaranteed
3. Most Affordable Online Live Karate Class

For $45 per month, you’ll learn the smallest details that you’ve never thought about
in your normal lessons, with personal feedback.
✨FREE TRIAL for the 1st week!✨

Here is what I can
do for you!

Karate Online Class with New Topics
Every Single Week

Live classess are held every weekend in YOUR local time!

Some past lessons include…
・Everything About Mae Geri
“Sliding Your 2 Centers of Gravity”
“Dropping Your Center of Gravity”
“Becoming Unbalanced Intentionally”

Check the exact class time here: 

North & South America Class (Sunday) 【~October 30th】Europe & Asia Class (Sunday)【October 31st~】Europe & Asia Class (Sunday)

FREE Belt Test 4 Times a Year

Without ANY extra cost, you can take the belt test on January, April, July, and October. For your improvement, I will be strictly evaluating your skills.
Test proceders are as follows:
1. Take a video of yourself doing the kata and kihon
2. Upload to our Google Drive file
3. Recieve the certificate and feedback after a week!

learn more about the requirements

Unlimited Access to
ALL Past Class Videos

If you’ve missed a lesson, or if you want to learn from the lessons that were held before you’ve joined the course, it’ll all be available! I will have a members only playlist.

Personal Feedback
Through Email/DM/Q&A Board 

In our private facebook group, I will personally be answering any questions you might have during your practice.

Beginner’s Basics Karate Class

Aside from our usual online karate class, I hold an introductory class arranged for beginners. If you don’t know anything about karate, THIS is the class for you. Come join 30 minutes before every lesson!

Student satisfaction

happy Students

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Student Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it.
here’s what my students say:


I have been part of the group since Sensei Yusuke started the online group lesson and I highly recommend it!

I find that it beautifully complements my regular training because he offers a different, detail-oriented approach. We take the time to feel and develop the mind and body connection while working on basics.

Sensei Yusuke observes you and gives you a personal feedback, tips, and relevant drills.

He really helps me correct bad habits and bring the moves to perfection. And at some point, we all know that impeccable basic moves and attention to details is what takes our practice to the next level.


Taking the online group classes at Karate Dojo waKu has taken my karate to the next level!

Yusuke breaks down the fundamentals in new ways that have added power and precision to my techniques.

Also, He spends time helping each student individually and is very active and responsive to his private message group.

I can’t recommend these lessons enough. I hope to see you in class!


The lessons I learned from my karate at home were very different, but his teachings changed my perspective of Shotokan karate and what it really is about!

Taking his classes gave me more knowledge about every detail there is to shotokan karate! I recommend his class!

Yusuke is very kind and friendly, you won’t regret taking his class. I joined with just expectations but I went home with a new friend and knowledge!


Whether you are just starting your Shotokan journey or are looking for supplemental training, you can be assured that the technique you will be taught will be first rate!

Sensei always comes prepared with several explanations and demonstrations  to fit different learning styles.

Sensei encourages communication between lessons if you have a question and is excellent in getting back to you.

If you find his videos helpful and enjoyable, I would encourage you to give the group lessons a try.
I think you will find something of value in each lesson. There is always more to learn in the martial arts!


I really enjoy and learn a lot from Sensei Yuske Negano’s lessons!

COVID-19 slowed my karate journey to a standstill in 2020. No classes, no camps, no seminars, no place to advance. I was at a loss as what to do other than learn from training tips and lessons posted to YouTube.

After finding and watching his YouTube, I decided that I would contact Sensei and try out his group lesson.

Sensei Negano has impressed me with some great lessons! I am happy to get important correction of form and movement. Sensei Negano does not miss much when observing technique and form, through the virtual Zoom class. His observations of how the body is moving (right or not quite right) are spot on. Sensei Negano gives each person in the class a specific correction, which of course is good for each of us to take note of.

Overall, I am happy I joined the Karate Waku group lessons, have found them to have been worthwhile, and I definitely recommend joining the class to anyone who has the desire to improve their karate technique and form, and karate knowledge.

Other Concerns You Might Have…

1. What time would the lesson be in my country/region?

I have adjusted the lesson time so that it would be Sunday afternoon for everyone around the world!

North & South America Class:

Europe & Asia Class:

2. Do I need to have a proper karate uniform?

Not at all! You’re not requiremented to wear a karate uniform. Please prepare anything you feel comfortable exercising in.

3. How do I access the zoom link?

After signing up, you’ll be invited to the facebook group where you’ll receive the zoom link!

4. I don’t have enough space in my house…

No problem at all! 
We will noly take maximum 2 full steps for all the exercises we do.

Improve Your Karate Exponentially.
✨FREE TRIAL for the 1st week!✨

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