Training Session

This experience is for individuals or groups who have karate experience and want to improve their skills in Japan. Therefore we only take 2 participants at a maximum. The flow of the lesson is as follows:

①Changing into Dogi

②Bowing and Meditating
Just like the saying in karate, “Karate starts and ends with a bow”. Although bowing is usually misjudged as a simple gesture, it is a profound movement that is applied to all of the basic punches and kicks. We will also meditate to elevate our focus.

③Consultation Time
I will listen to the problems that you are currently facing. It can be about Kata or Kumite. By understanding your goal, I will make your personal training menu for the class. It will be 100% tailormade.


⑤Advice on your future training methods

Training Examples:

1. Pulling the Power from the Ground
2. Kumite/Sparring Key Points: Distance, Timing, Body Movement
3. Secret of Punching/Kicking Fast
4. Utilizing 5 Joints