Face-to-Face Lesson in Tokyo!

If you like to meet me in person to have a private lesson in Tokyo, I will be more than happy to do so!


①Changing into A Karate Uniform

②Consultation Time

If you have a specific topic you’d like to tackle, let me listen to them in detail.
By understanding your goal, I will make your personal plan for the day.
It will be 100% tailor-made!

③Bowing and Meditating

Just like the saying in karate, “Karate starts and ends with a bow”.
Although bowing is usually misjudged as a simple gesture,
it is a profound movement that is applied to all of the basic punches and kicks.
We will also meditate to boost our focus.

④Karate Time!

Topic Examples:
1. Getting your kicks stronger and faster
2. Learning the first form “Heian Shodan”
3. Sparring Tips
4. Moving faster in sparring
5. Learning higher-level katas

⑤Advices on your future training methods

⑥Board Breaking (optional)


1.5 Hours310USD /person
2 Hours380USD /person
3 Hours570USD /person


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