Welcome to Karate Dojo “waKu”!

We pride ourselves on our family friendly environment where people of all ages, sizes, and countries can experience karate and become a member of our dojo. Our Karate Dojo not only teaches you karate from a physicality aspect but bestows upon you lessons from a morality and ethical aspect that usually are overlooked by other karate teachers.

We invite students to join us for our Monday lessons. These programs are tailormade to accommodate any needs that our students may have. While our student age range can vary from 3-year olds to adults, every lesson starts with the basics of learning how to wear our karate uniforms.

What is Karate?

Karate is a form of Japanese martial arts that focuses on the use of internal physical strength, which means no weapons. Karate is not only a great form of exercise, but also a good way to blow off some steam!

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